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Presidential Primary Survey March 2000

The 2000 Presidential Primary voter survey was sponsored by 9NEWS, KOA NewsRadio, and The Denver Post. The survey assessed voter preferences for candidates in the March 10, 2000 Colorado presidential primary. Also major issues in the Colorado legislature related to guns, growth and schools were tested.

  • Telephone survey of 600 registered Colorado voters conducted by Ciruli Associates from February 20 to March 3, 2000. The survey was sponsored by 9NEWS, KOA NewsRadio and The Denver Post.

  • There are 249 Republicans and 250 Democrats who are likely to vote in the Presidential Primary in the statewide sample. Also, there are 101 Unaffiliated likely voters included in the statewide sample. The statewide sample was weighted to reflect likely turnout pattern in a general election.

  • Statistical level of confidence for a survey of 600 is plus or minus 4.0 percentage points (250 respondents +/- 6.2%; 100 respondents +/- 9.8%). Other factors can affect surveys such as question wording and question order.

  • Percentages and figures are rounded and may not equal 100 percent.


Poll Shows Bush Republican Favorite

Fifty-five percent of Colorado Republicans preferred George W. Bush over John McCain as the Republican candidate in a march 2000 Ciruli Associates poll. Only 29 percent of Republican respondents favored McCain.

. .
If you had to vote today, which Republican candidate would you prefer to be the nominee for president in the 2000 election, George W. Bush, John McCain or Allen Keyes?
Total Republican Unaffiliated
Bush 54 55 44
McCain 31 29 44
Keyes 1 2
Other 2 2 6
12 12 6
Ciruli Associates, N250
Feb. 29 - Mar. 3, 2000

After George W. Bush all but tied up his party's nomination following the Super Tuesday primaries, less than 2 percent of registered Republicans turned out in Colorado's Republican primary on March 10. Bush captured the vote 2-1.

Colorado Presidential
Primary Results
March 10, 2000
Bush 65%
McCain 27%
Keyes 7%

Republican George Bush has a slight edge over Democrat Al Gore among Coloradans polled in March, but will have to work hard to win the state. Forty-eight percent of likely voters polled said they would prefer Bush; 41 percent prefer Gore.

. .
If George W. Bush is the Republican candidate, Al Gore is the Democrat candidate and Pat Buchanan is the Reform Party candidate, who would you vote for?
Total Democrat Republican Unaffiliated
Bush 48 15 80 42
Gore 41 77 9 44
Buchanan 3 0.4 4 6
Other 2 0.4 2 2
Don't know 6 7 5 7
Ciruli Associates, N600, March 2000

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