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Coloradoans Favor Closing Loopholes

A Denver Post/9 News/KOA poll conducted by Ciruli Associates shows that 83 percent of Colorado voters support background checks for gun purchases at gun shows. Pollster Floyd Ciruli said "Coloradans are not anti-gun; rather they pro-closing loopholes to illegal gun ownership–especially in the aftermath of the Columbine High School slayings. The public is willing to accept some restrictions, but will not support what they consider to be onerous limits to gun ownership."

Gov. Bill Owens has pledged to support gun-control groups' efforts to put the gun-show measure on the ballot. The poll was conducted in March 2000 with 600 likely voters. The margin of error is +/- 4 percent.

. .
Do you support or oppose requiring a mandatory background check for all gun purchases at gun shows?
Definitely support 72%
Somewhat support 11%
Somewhat oppose 4%
Definitely oppose 10%
Don't know 3%
Ciruli Associates
N600, Feb. 29 - Mar. 3, 2000

Gun Ownership a "Right" to Majority of Coloradans

When asked whether they consider gun ownership a right or a privilege, the majority of Coloradans said it was a right.

. .

Which position do
you agree with:

"gun ownership is a privilege under the completecontrol of individual states,"


"gun ownership is an individual right protected by the U.S. Constitution?"

Control by states 31%
Protected by Constitution 59%
Ciruli Associates
N600, Feb. 29 - Mar. 3, 2000

Total Democrat Republican Unaffiliated
Control by states 31% 39% 23% 34%
Protected by
59% 50% 67% 59%
Other 3% 2% 2% 3%
Don't know/
7% 9% 8% 4%
Ciruli Associates
N600, Feb. 29 - Mar. 3, 2000

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