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All Dried Up

Water issues have soared among public priorities, from only 1% ranking it as a top issue in January 2002 to 18 percent saying it is a top issue in July 2002, according to a July 2002 Ciruli poll.

Major Issues

Thinking about Colorado issues, what would you say is the top issue you would like the governor and state legislature to deal with in Colorado? Any other important issue?

Education 21%
Jobs/economy 21%
Growth 19%
Water/drought 18%
Transportation/roads/transit 13%
Taxes 5%
Budget/fiscal problems 3%
Environment 3%
Healthcare/insurance/Rx 3%
Guns 1%
Crime/drugs 1%
Death penalty 1%
Fires 1%
Senior issues
(housing, social security reform)
Other 10%
Don’t know 12%

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