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Minimum Wage and Gift Bans Winning

October 10, 2006
Analysis by Floyd Ciruli

The Economic Developers’ Council of Colorado (EDCC), an association of local and regional economic development professionals, authorized a survey of four November ballot issues that will have an impact on business and government decision-making.

A top issue of concern to the business development community is the proposed state constitutional amendment to raise the minimum wage, including a cost of living escalation based on the rate of inflation.  The minimum wage increase is passing with 69 percent in favor to 26 percent opposed.  The amendment to limit gifts to state and local government officials is also passing with a big majority, 68 percent to 25 percent.

November Ballot Proposals Effecting Business
Sept. 26-Oct. 2, 2006 Ciruli Associates Poll




Don’t Know

Raise minimum wage




Prohibit gifts for officials




Term-limit courts




Allow more initiatives




Ciruli Associates, N500, Sept. 26-Oct. 2, 2006

Question: The following proposals will be on the ballot this November in Colorado.  Please tell me, as of today, if you definitely support, somewhat support, somewhat oppose or definitely oppose the proposal.  If you don’t have an opinion, just say so.  [ROTATED]

Question:  Amendment 42 – An amendment to the Colorado Constitution increasing the state’s minimum wage to $6.85 per hour and thereafter increasing it annually at the rate of inflation.

Question: Amendment 41- An amendment to the Colorado Constitution that would prohibit cash and gifts of more than $50 to be given to government employees, elected politicians, other officials and their families.

Question: Amendment 38 – An amendment to the Colorado Constitution that makes it easier for citizens to propose initiatives for the ballot at all levels of state and local government.

Question:  Amendment 40 – An amendment to the Colorado Constitution that limits State Supreme and Appeals court judges to a maximum of 10 years on the bench.

The statewide survey was conducted by Ciruli Associates with 500 likely Colorado voters from September 26 to October 2, 2006.  The economic development survey is planned as an annual survey sponsored by the Economic Developers’ Council of Colorado.  The First-Annual Citizens’ Survey on Economic Development has a statistical range of error is ±4.4 percentage points.  This analysis is the sole responsibility of Ciruli Associates. 

Two other amendments to the State Constitution of concern to business groups are passing with much smaller margins, and opposed by one-third of the public.

The amendment to make it easier for citizens to propose initiatives has a majority support of 55 percent.  But only 27 percent of the support is “definite” and 32 percent of voters are currently in opposition.

Another constitutional amendment receiving considerable scrutiny from the business community is the amendment to limit state and appeal court judges to a maximum of 10 years on the bench.  It is ahead 56 percent to 34 percent.  Thirty-six percent “definitely support” it and another 20 percent are somewhat in favor.

  • Ciruli Associates is a non-partisan research firm providing polling, election analysis and political commentary to Colorado and national media organizations since 1976.

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