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New Poll Shows Denver Mayoral Race Wide Open;
Auditorium Support Paltry

DENVER--What mayoral election? That appears to be the consensus from likely Denver voters — 80 percent of whom don’t know who they will support to replace term-limited Wellington Webb in May 2003.

Candidate For Mayor of Denver

In a July 2002 Ciruli Associates poll of 250 likely registered voters, 80 percent don’t know who they will support for mayor. The remaining 20 percent breaks down like this:


Ari Zavaras
Don Mares 5%
Penfield Tate 3%
Elizabeth Schlosser 1%
No one 4%
Other 1%

Ciruli Associates, N250, July 2002

Question: In May 2003, Denver city voters will elect a new mayor. Due to term limits Mayor Wellington Webb cannot run again. As of today, who do you support for mayor of Denver?

“Although several candidates have announced and are organizing campaigns, Denver voters have not begun to show much interest,” said pollster Floyd Ciruli. “As of July, the race for mayor of Denver is wide open.”

This survey was prepared for publication on www.ciruli.com by Ciruli Associates as part of a regular scan of Colorado politics and public policy. Ciruli Associates is a non-partisan research, communication and public policy firm providing consulting services to Colorado and national organizations since 1976.

The voter survey was conducted by Ciruli Associates from July 8 to July 18, 2002. The telephone survey of 250 City and County of Denver adult registered likely voters has a statistical range of accuracy of +6.2 percentage points.

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Webb’s Approval High

After three terms in office, Mayor Wellington Webb continues to have a high approval rating among Denver voters. Seventy percent approves his job performance.

Question: Do you approve or disapprove of the way Wellington Webb is handling his job as mayor of Denver?

Women (75% approve/15% disapprove) are more supportive than men (64% approve/29% disapprove). Democrats overwhelmingly approve (82%) his performance but only 43% of Republicans (43% approve/41% disapprove).

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Auditorium Theater Faces Uphill Fight

Question: One issue that could be on the city of Denver ballot in November is a $25 million dollar improvement bond for the Auditorium Theater in downtown Denver. As part of a total $75 million dollar construction project, the city has proposed $25 million dollars of the cost be paid for with bonds that would require and increase in property tax. As of today would you support or oppose a $25 million dollar bond for the Auditorium Theater improvements?

Members of both political parties strongly oppose it: Republicans 66% oppose/16% favor; Democrats 60% oppose/31% favor. Only voters with more than $80,000 per year in income come close to favoring the proposal with 49% in favor and 49% opposed.

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