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Douglas County Voters Divided Over Endangered Species Act

Although Douglas County voters overall are concerned with environmental issues, the cite the following issues as "very serious:" air pollution, loss of open space and depletion of the aquifer. Voters are divided over how to apply the Endangered Species Act. Forty-three percent support protecting all endangered species, including the Preble's Meadows Jumping Mouse, and 44 percent oppose protecting all endangered species.

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The following is a question about the endangered species act. Some people believe that not all animals and plants should be protected as endangered if it damages peoples' property values, harms the economy or increases government regulation. Others believe all animals and plants should be protected if they are endangered because of their potential value to science and the environment, for example as a part of the wildlife food chain. The Preble's Meadows Jumping Mouse, which has been found in Douglas County, is an example of a species that may be protected as endangered.

Which viewpoint comes closer to your opinion?

  • Should protect all endangered species including the Preble's Meadows Jumping Mouse.
  • We should not protect all endangered species and not protect the Preble's Meadows Jumping Mouse.

  • Telephone survey conducted by Ciruli Associates with random sample of 403 Douglas County registered voters.

  • Interviews conducted May 5 to 12, 2000

  • Statistical range of accuracy plus or minus 5 percentage points.

  • Conducted for publication in www.ciruli.com, the official web site of pollster Floyd Ciruli.